miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008


...tod@s tenemos nuestr@s propi@s ídol@s... ya sea de una forma u otra, a tod@s nos gusta alguien por alguna razón, pues bien, para mi kawakami, guitarrista y cantante de disclose, es una de esas personas, alguien que sigue dándole al punk incluso un año despues de morir...

...disclose/world burns to death ep 2004...

...y por si os apetece más:
Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 1 (2003, has tracks from 1992-1994)
Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 2 (2003. has tracks from 1994-1998)
No More Pain

Tragedy (1994)
Yesterday’s fairytale, tomorrow’s nightmare (1/6/03)
The Demos Album (1995)
No More pain

Nightmare or Reality (May/June 1999)

Split 12"es
Split 12" (with Totalitär, 2000)

Great Swedish Feast (1995)
The Aspects of War (1997)

Once the War started (1993)
Visions of War (1996)
4 track ep (1997)
The Nuclear Victims (1998)
A mass of Raw sound Assault (2001)
Apocalypse of Death (March 2002)
Neverending War (2003)
The sound of Disaster (2003)
Apocalypse Continues (2004) Overthrow Records

Split 7"es
Kochi-City Hardcore (with Insane Youth, 1993)
Why must we die? (with Hellkrusher. 1994)
No More Pain! (with Selfish, 1994)
War of aggression (with Cluster Bomb Unit, 1995)
Attack The Enemy (with Homomillita, 1995)
Endless War (with Squandered, 1998)
Chainsaw Tour '04 (with Framtid, 2004)
Noise Not Music (with No Fucker, 2004)
Split 7" (with Hakuchi, )
Dis-Nightmare still continues (with World Burns to Death, 2004)
Split 7" (with Besthöven, 2005)
In Chaos We Trust (with FlyBlown, 2005)
Nuclear Hell (with G.A.T.E.S., 2005)
Controlled By Fear (with Cruelty, 2005)
Split 7" (with Scarred For Life, 2007)

Crime (1992)
Conquest (1993)
Fear of the War (1993)
Total Dis-Lickers (1998)

the aspect of war (1997)
sound of disaster (?)
The best of Disclose 1993-2001 (2006)

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